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What is Animated Movie Cost?

Naturally, the most frequently asked question to us is how much the movie will cost. However, it is not easy to answer this immediately, for reasons that I will explain below. All films are different from each other, so the work required for the preparation of each film is also different, so their costs vary.

The main reasons that affect the production cost and production time of animations are:

1- The number of characters to be used in the animation.

World War Z – 3D Crowded Zombie Scene © Paramount Pictures

Is there only one character in the movie? three? Or do hundreds of characters need to appear for the battle scene? In addition, there is a long development process for the main characters, such as the detailed design phase, studying different facial expressions, and studying the appearance from different angles. As a result, the number of characters increases the budget.

2- Difference in construction technique.

Simple Character

General Animation Character

Complex Character

There are many different techniques to use in the preparation of animation. For example, 2D and 3D or simple character and place designs, realistic character and place designs. The application times and design times of these techniques are very different. This affects pricing a lot.

3- Scene number​ and its technique

Simple Scene

Complex 3D Scene

As with the characters, the spaces also need to be designed, drawn and colored. In addition, there may be moving objects, visual effects, objects interacting with the characters in the scenes. These, in turn, affect the construction time and price.

4- The length of the movie

The duration of the movie increases the animation work to be done in the right ratio, the production time is extended, and it also leads to an increase in the material to be processed technically. All of these affect the price.

5- Voice Over and Music

Another effect of the number and length of characters in animation is that if characters need to speak, the number of artists who will voice them increases. In addition, music, mixing and sound effects works will increase with the length of the film. This is one of the effects that change the price.

5- Animation

It is the stage of activating the prepared characters and scenes in accordance with the scenario. Animated scenes, which are prepared depending on how complex they are, are one of the important items that make up the movie budget. Unlike the preparation stage, it is the final stage of the work that is visible and completes the editing with all its details.


In this case, we cannot do a detailed price study without knowing the details of the film ​no matter how much we want to. While doing price research, if there is a simple scenario for the film to be made, we need to do a preliminary study to develop a scenario in line with the purpose of the film to be made, if there is no scenario.

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