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Animation Videos
How We Do

How do we make animation videos?

When starting an animation project, first of all, we try to get to know your product and service and come up with an idea that we can convey to the audience in the best and most effective way what is being told in the movie.

The script is like the construction plan of the movie. All the details, dialogues, characters, locations, everything in the movie is written on paper. The script is the basis of the whole movie. We attach great importance to this stage because a movie with a poor script has no chance of being a good movie.

The next stage is to begin to reveal the visual style of the film. What we mean by visual style, for example, how are the character types? What are they wearing? What place do they live in? Which color palette should we use? This is the concept stage where we explore questions such as drawings and try to reach the visuality of the final version of the film. In short, it is the part where we get a few important frames from the finished version of the movie.

After determining the scenario and style, we storyboard the scenes of the movie. When we illustrate the movie scene by scene as a comic book, it helps to make the film better and easier in many respects. How should the camera angles and camera usage be in the scenes, is there a problem of absence when the scenes are added one after the other, is it enough to tell what we want to say or do we need to add other scenes in between? It is a very important step in identifying problems such as the length of screen time of scenes.

Sound recordings are made with dubbing artists before the animation to match the image and the sounds. During the animation, the movements must be made according to the accents of the sound recording. That's why dubbing is usually done before animation.

The animation process is the stage where all the parts are combined. Using all the preparatory work we did in the previous stages, we begin to act out the movie scene by scene. Regardless of the style of animation, first the characters are prepared for animation. Different facial expressions are drawn, their appearances are investigated from different angles. Not only the characters, but everything that makes up the picture can be animated when necessary, for example, the camera, graphics, objects that make up the set, texts, in short, everything is moved at this stage to form the film.

The final stage is the mixing stage, where the music, voiceover and sound effects are combined and their levels adjusted. Good sound design is a great addition to the movie. It easily takes the movie to the next level. Therefore, at this stage, it is necessary to work very carefully without rushing.

All these works we do are custom made for a single movie. That's why every movie we make is unique and original.

Once the movie is complete, it will be delivered in full HD. You can use your movie on your web page, as a Youtube, Facebook or TV advertisement.

Bizi arayın video ihtiyaçlarınıza birlikte harika çözümler üretelim!

How Do We Prepare Animated Movies?

1- Main Idea

An effective idea is searched for in which we can most easily explain the problem and the solution you offer. Selection is made from the Ideas found.

3- Style

A visual style that will be suitable for the targeted audience and product is determined. The design of the characters, colors and space designs emerge at this stage.

5- Animation

Now that the film is well formed, all its scenes are animated as planned. Characters and all other objects are animated. Camera movements and effects are added. The animation of the film is completed by adding visual details.

2- Script

The screenplay, which will form the basis of the film, begins. The film is tested and revised many times to best describe it.

4- Storyboard

It allows you to visualize the stories and messages written in the script, scene by scene, like a film strip. With the animated model video prepared with storyboard frames, you will have an idea about the total duration and rhythm of your movie.

6- Sound and music

The best music suitable for the movie is searched among the stocks, the selected music is tested with the movie and the most suitable one is selected. In addition, the professional dubbing artist records his voice on the film. The movie is completed by adding sound effects.

Customer approval at every stage

After the scenario is approved in animation videos, the first work is to create the production stages and the production schedule. 

Storyboard Drawing

We design the scenes with simple lines according to the scenario.  This draft work, which will be a reference for the characters and drawings to be included in the scenes, is also shared with the customer and their approval is obtained.

Character Drawing

Character drawings are made in the style determined at the beginning of the work. After customer approval, rigs that control character movements and mimics are prepared.

Drawing Scenes and Graphics

The completed drawings of the scene contents determined with the storyboard are shared with the customer and approval is obtained.

Model voiceover

A voice recording is taken by reading the script text. Scene lengths and animations are determined by using mock-up voiceovers. 

Model Video Montage

Before the animations are made, the scenes are arranged in a montage program with sound and music. It is seen at this stage whether the scenes are combined with each other correctly. If necessary, adjustments are made to the placement of the scenes. The resulting mock-up video is shared with the customer and approval is obtained.

Voice Over (Dubbing)

After the video mockup and customer approval, a stock music is selected to match the tempo of the video. Professional dubbing is done in accordance with the video. At this stage, customer approval is obtained.

Animation and Final Assembly

Animations are completed in sync with the original sound recording and the video is completed. Montage, sound effects and music are placed and mixed. The completed video is shared with the customer for final approval. 

Revision is experienced at a minimum level, as every stage of the construction passes through customer approval.

There is no revision limit in our work.

Revisions, if any, are completed and the video is delivered in the desired format.

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