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The characters are the star actors of animated films. The characters are mostly designed as a by-product of the desired movie. Characters are very important in the movie's communication with the audience and are key elements in the movie's success. Their expressions, persuasiveness, colors and personalities are extremely important.

Strong characters are engaging and keep themselves watched.

Designing Characters Is Serious Business

When you want to design a character, first of all, an identity should be created for the desired character, taking into account the purposes and possible developments. In addition to the external characteristics of the character, what he likes or dislikes, his personality structure, daily habits, beliefs, routines and special aspects that he can develop in direct proportion to his role in the scenario are determined.

This detailed study, called Character Sheet , is required for animated film projects that will be a feature length or serial. This work is also done on the characters created for big brands. This work includes drawings of different facial expressions and poses as well as character traits.

If long-term projects such as an introductory video do not require much character traits, it is sufficient for the character to have the basic features required in the video scenario. The drawing of the character in accordance with the scenario, the creation of his mimics and the animation are more than enough for such videos.

Character design begins with sketches on paper. Among these sketches, the most suitable ones are selected, and the drawing with the most liked and desired features is colored and made suitable for the technique to be used.

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