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Corporate Promotional Films

In today's conditions, the promotional activities that companies should do in order to increase their competitiveness show a wide variety. Chief among these are promotional videos, which are the shortest and most effective way of expressing product and service conditions, prepared with a certain aesthetics and fluency. Companies need various videos for meetings, conferences, organizations, seminars. Videos prepared in line with scenarios prepared by advertising agencies or companies themselves are among the most effective presentation tools.

In this way, it is aimed that potential customers reach sufficient and correct information about the company as soon as possible. Addressing customers directly and through the senses with real shots, graphics and animations is the most successful and effective promotional method. Having a promotional film enables an institution or organization to reach potential customers in the most descriptive and fast way. In today's conditions, when customers want to buy a product or service, they can reach companies from the Internet or printed advertising materials. Because time is so precious, it is almost impossible to explain yourself by having these customers read all the written texts. In addition, no matter how good the graphic design consisting of written texts and pictures is, no narrative style can replace a few minutes of promotional film. It is the right choice to introduce yourself, your products or services to people through a very fluent and understandable film, detailed with animations when necessary.

Promotional films are the windows of companies to customers in the digital environment. Explaining what you cannot explain in a thousand words with a few images saves you and your customers time. A successful promotional film can enable you to gain competitive power with international companies with versions in different languages.

How Should a Successful Promotional Film Be?

A promotional film should be shot and prepared within a certain scenario while promoting a service, product, institution or organization. For this reason, the targets and the most accurate way of expression are determined first. It's not enough for your movie to have beautiful images. It may need to include accurate and fluent narration, credibility and sincerity, or special marketing techniques. It is always a plus point to make the products or services that are tried to be explained more understandable with animations and graphics. The audience will be happy if they can find many answers in a very short and non-tiring way without getting bored. It should never be forgotten that time is as valuable to our customers as it is to us. Every company wants to have movies that are worth the effort and costs to reach your customers individually via the Internet or CD, DVD and can be shown with pride. In order to do this, it is possible to make films in many techniques and styles within the possibilities at hand. The important thing is to create the right impact on your customers. The promotional film is your presentation face. Making a movie is easy. But if it doesn't serve the purpose, it is a stain that will take a long time to be erased, which is worse than thrown money.

Promotional Film Shooting

The first thing to do in order to shoot a promotional or corporate film is to determine the available opportunities. It should be decided what kind of equipment and techniques the product or service or facility to be shot should be shot. The team and equipment to be used are determined by considering the budget and scenario. These include special cameras, helicopters, different special shooting materials, product mockups, animations, actors or servers, organizations and many other things. Filming should be done in the highest quality possible. In today's conditions, it is not clear where and in which channels the promotional film images will be used. You can convert the quality footage you have to the format you want. You can reduce the quality of high-quality material, but you cannot improve the quality of a low-quality image. You should be able to proudly share the promotional film, which you have incurred the costs to have it made, with your environment and customers, in every sense.

It is a difficult team work to prepare a production that can bring together the most successful methods in line with the content of the company, products and services to be promoted. It requires a professional. A director shoots the visuals that will make up the whole scenario, adding his own interpretation. With the right crew, these shooting times can be reduced as much as necessary with time and cost. The creation process of the project is faster because it provides all the necessary materials and conditions to the director and team of a good production made in the interests of the customers.

Helicopter shots may be needed to show very large facilities or regions in promotional films. Helicopter footage is one of the important elements that always add value if used correctly in a promotional film. It is the best way to show the location and size of the region or facility that was filmed. Helicopter shots require special shooting equipment. It may be difficult to provide the necessary conditions for shooting due to seasonal reasons. As an alternative to helicopter shots, airship, balloon and Helicam options can also be applied.

Animation and graphics are the most important tools that are used most during the production stages of promotional films or corporate videos. The movies, which become much more understandable with 2d and 3d animations and graphics, have a very positive effect on the customers who watch them.

How to Make a Promotional Movie?

Promotional films, like all similar media, first start with the script writing phase. The scenario written in line with the needs of the company takes its final form after many examinations. The next stage is the shooting preparation stage. Shooting preparations should begin with exploration and needs assessment. It is decided how the necessary plans should be shot in terms of the scenario and the shooting techniques to be applied. The identified techniques also make the needs more specific. This stage is completed by choosing the most efficient working methods in shooting locations.

How to Make a Promotional Movie?

Next is the post-production section where montage and graphic works will be done. Plans and scenes that started as scenarios and shot in the first place will be brought together and become a meaningful whole. All shots are combined in line with voice and music. It is finalized by increasing its visual efficiency and popularity with necessary graphics and animations.

Promotional Movie Voice Over and Music

Since promotional films appeal to potential customers, they should be equipped with elements that can make them feel certain seriousness and respect. That's why voiceover and music selection is important. Promotional films can also be prepared in various languages, with subtitles supported, and versions that try to reach certain cultures in a different way. It is a very common style to promote different service and product groups in the same movie. In addition, it is made only in films containing more information that will enable customers to examine the product or service they want in more detail.

A Correct Marketing Is Required For The Promotional Film To Succeed

Although the promotional film is completed with the script, shooting quality and a great montage, the aim of the production is to reach the target audience and provide the desired effect.
The only shortcoming of a carefully prepared promotional film is the presentation style. There are many methods that companies use to reach their customers. A promotional film can reach customers in many options such as hand-delivery, exhibition and conference collective screenings, TV, Cinema, Internet as USB.
It is ready to reach your target audience with good SEO management on your web page and social media. The success of your promotional video should be increased by being featured with advertising support.

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