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You Want to Prepare Animated Video.
What should you do first?

When you decide to make a video that will explain your product, service or business, you should determine your needs correctly.

1 - Where and for what purpose will you use the Animated Video?

The place and purpose of the video determines how the script should be written.

Do you want to reach your potential customers on social media channels with video and direct them to your Web address?

Your aim may also be to explain your product, service or application in detail to those who come to your web page.

Maybe you want training videos for your employees.

It is necessary to write scenarios with different methods for each of these requests and expectations, which can be further multiplied.

2 - Specify Animation Content

You know your job best. You can determine what should be said in the video you want to make, the features and details to be featured. Whether you want to share your own scenario, your story, or write down what needs to be said in the video in short sentences.

The sentences you write will form the infrastructure of the script. We provide professional support in the scenario part of the work.

3 - Set Animation Duration

You can read aloud the text you wrote for the content by keeping the time. Or you can measure the approximate time from the word count? Every 2 words are calculated in about 1 second. So 120 words is roughly 1 minute. Depending on the interpretation and tempo of the dubbing artist, the duration may be shortened or extended.

Why Is Animation Time Important?

Although people prefer videos over text and graphics, they are exposed to many  videos from many channels during the day. You can reach them only with videos that are short enough that they can grasp what is being said at once.

At the same time, the longer the video duration, the higher the production cost.

While producing videos, our aim is to establish the shortest and most understandable structure.

4 - Determine the Visual Style of the Animation

How the animation will be visually should be decided according to your liking. In other words, you should like the movie you are going to prepare first. The easiest way to do this is to share an example that you like visually with us.

You can send a picture or video that you like that will serve as an example for the line style you want.

By sharing all the information with us Video Production Offer You can take.

The video production proposal is determined by the number of characters, the number of scenes, how complex the characters and animations are, and the duration of the video.

The average video production time is around 4-6 weeks.

We prepare our videos with original characters drawn entirely for you in line with your wishes .

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